Five Errors That You Shouldn’t Do When Starting An Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Affiliate marketing should have become easy today because of the better communications technology the world has, according to researchers. Unfortunately, affiliate marketing is never easy. You have to try everything, and there’s no certainty if your formulas would be sure. However, these five errors most starting entrepreneurs do is sure to bring disaster to your efforts.


  1. The Wrong Information


The magic of the Internet is that text could mean anything. Unfortunately, when your writing tone focuses on selling the product rather than being a source of legitimate and useful information, people are turned off.


Breaking this situation down to bits and pieces, a marketer must understand that:


-People come to the internet to seek information that could help them improve certain products, services or even answer their problems.


-People don’t want to buy products that seem suspicious or only aims to rake in profit.


-Consumers are looking for solutions, not additional expenses.


Be helpful and use citations in your content or copy as much as possible. If people can trust your content, then they can trust your marketing spiel.


  1. Don’t Join Too Many Affiliate Marketing Networks


Most entrepreneurs try to reach out to plenty of affiliate marketing networks in an effort to stretch their networks quickly. However, too many affiliate marketing networks could be unmanageable, and this is when the trouble starts.


Only start with affiliate networks that you understand the ins and outs. Never go for affiliate networks that promise a huge amount of return, but you don’t know clearly how you’ll be gaining profit from their efforts.


  1. Test the Waters


There’s no danger in trying out affiliate programs. Just make sure to test the waters before you join in. Most affiliate networks provide a 15 to 30 day trial of their network. At this time, ask yourself the following:


-is the network framework effective for my objectives?

-how long will it bring me my return of investment (ROI)

-compared to the claims of the service, how would you rate the performance upon the end of the trial period?

  1. Don’t Forget To Track


Many entrepreneurs joining affiliate programs without tracking their customers. They could make huge profits, but they can never profile who the buyer is or where they are selling their products.


It is important that you create a unique tracking method for every sale you make through your affiliate network. The demographic information you could receive could help you get targeting information that could help boost your profits.


  1. Don’t’ Be Fooled Easily by Advertisements


This is easier said than done. But the many times you’ve seen a post claiming a person made $50,000 a month is attractive. Once you read their landing page pitch, you’re surely convinced the method could work for you.




Stop and think for a while.


There’s always a catch with easy-money affiliate marketing programs. If you do join them, never make false claims. If the marketing network mentions about product and training benefits, it’s permissible, but you could lose marketing value if you make false or absurd claims without proper arguments.




It’s not bad to experiment when you’re beginning your adventure in affiliate marketing. However, it’s best to keep in mind the lessons learned by people who have come before you. Save yourself the time and hassle and heed these warnings.

Our Five Tips That Ensure Your Conversion Optimization Strategy Can Work

Conversion optimization shouldn’t be easy. If it’s too easy, you’re probably not minding the details all too well. Optimization takes into consideration different details to facilitate the customer’s satisfaction rate and your profits. However, there are some details our researchers had found that may seem odd, but they do deliver great returns.

  1. The Competition


The best way to know what’s wrong with your campaign is to find a mirror, your competition. The business competition can be successful because you are failing in your strategies or because they’re doing something unique.


Analyze the competition’s conversion optimization strategy. Take a look at their website and take screenshots of their operations. Look at the variations you could see in other competing websites.


As you continue to analyze this, you’ll get their frame of mind in using these conversion strategies and how you could implement this on your own campaign.


  1. Form Steps


It’s very attractive for audiences to sign up for newsletters nowadays. It’s appealing if you could get tons of information today and in the future with just one-step form. It would seem silly to introduce two or even three step forms, but it actually works.


The problem with most one-step forms is that it unleashes a barrage of information right in your customer’s face, which could be a great turn off. Unless your product or service is truly in demand (such as the level of iPad or you’re giving out free subscriptions to premium services), one-step forms aren’t too compelling.


A multiple-step form helps you break down the details and takes the impression that there’s too many questions to answer off the grid. This can compel many customers to sign up for your website and guarantee a better conversion rate.


  1. Visual Mapping


New technologies allow you to map your user’s visual map as they land on your website. You could see the trail of their mouse or their touch impulses on your website.


It may seem really silly to look at touch and mouse trails, but you could observe the common visual trail, which would allow you to re-design your webpages in a way that it becomes more visually appealing with all the important details in the right places.


  1. Calls to Action Using Support Keywords


Targeting the right keywords is basic SEO. However, it is important to observe if people are using the keywords to optimize fish gutting. If they land in a page about optimizing fishing, they will be greatly disappointed.


Using support keywords in your calls to action allows search engines to make sure your content is properly indexed.


  1. Urgency


You do understand why deals become useful instruments when marketing products or services. We’ve seen this work with TV advertisements offering additional products and discounts if the customer orders the product at once.


One way conversion rates fail is that the ads give the buyer a chance to think back and say that they could wait for discounts to happen or they could just wait to buy the product at a later time.




Conversion optimization could be the typical textbook approach, or you could analyze your customer attitudes and create new strategies, similar to these ones we mentioned. If these strategies worked for you, don’t forget to comment and share with our other members!

An Introduction to ACC Okinawa’s Activities

ACC Okinawa was started by Don Nishi in Okinawa, Japan beginning with a small community of web designers looking to improve the performance of their website rankings in search engines in 2005. Eventually, his “weekend meeting group” started to become something more than just a coffee break meeting.


In 2007, Don Nishi attended an SEO conference in the United States. Meeting his Western counterparts, he and his “weekend meeting group” merged to become what is known as the Affiliate Conversions Conference, which began in Florida but eventually had members coming from Europe, Asia and all over the world.




The ACC Okinawa aims to ensure that Asian web designers, developers and content managers realize the growing trends in the SEO and general Internet marketing trade. They also aim to educate starting entrepreneurs how to make their websites become more appealing to the eyes of their target market.


ACC Okinawa educates from an umbrella perspective towards more situation-specific problems such as HTML coding and SEO, web design and social media network marketing effectiveness, using a web code to ensure proper SEO standing and more.




The ACC has different branches concerned with the development of affiliate marketing through proper Internet marketing.


  1. Researchers


This team is composed of veteran Internet marketing professionals who research about the trends in web design to ensuring conversions for every Internet marketing campaign. They ensure that once a web developer monetizes a blog, conversion rates are sure to flourish with their methods


  1. Technical Researchers


Following the research of the web design and conversion researchers, technical researchers look into the meat of SEO. Search engine optimization is branching out and becoming a technical side of Internet marketing as blogging and website design is greatly relative to social networks today. Technical researchers understand how code correlates with SEO, and uses effective instruction to educate people.


  1. Implementations


Everything the researchers and technical researchers develop could be seen as a theoretical side to Internet marketing and affiliate marketing. To put their research to the test, the implementations department handles the execution of websites and records the results in real time to see if the implementations are effective, or needs some tweaking.




The ACC meets with business leaders in the small to medium enterprise category and discusses with them the business’ troubles in coping with the latest Internet updates and trends. The ACC then collects their information and through professional agreements, dive into the problem and resolve the issue. Their solutions prove to be a great source of knowledge, which Don Nishi’s group stores in a daily updated and maintained data bank for future knowledge base.


How to Join


Anybody who has a passion for affiliate and Internet marketing and is willing to be educated and become a researcher for the ACC is welcome to join the conferences.


You will be assigned to different chapters in your country, or be assigned to an offshore group if none exists in your country. Through Internet conferencing, you could receive information from your mentors and improve your performance.


When you’ve gained clearance from an examination to become an instructor, you could be sent to different areas of the world to become an educator and conference participant.